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Control of the shoulders, ribcage, and hips

By: Charles Wilhelm Control of the shoulders, ribcage and hips is required in order to do a great many things including picking up a correct lead, side passing, doing a leg yield and also keeping the should from falling in when riding a circle. Assuming your horse is fairly responsive, …

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Feeding Treats

By Charles Wilhelm While I am not against feeding treats, I do think it is more appropriate and safer for treats to be put in a bucket rather than be given by hand. I know many owners get enjoyment from hand feeding their horses so let me explain my reasons …

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The six things I always do when I ride

By: Charles Wilhelm Every time I get on a horse there are always six areas that I work on. This is true for both a horse that has just come in for training and for a finished horse. Every time I get on I work on these specific areas and …

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