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The six things I always do when I ride

By: Charles Wilhelm Every time I get on a horse there are always six areas that I work on. This is true for both a horse that has just come in for training and for a finished horse. Every time I get on I work on these specific areas and …

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Cowboy Dressage™… Who is it for? What is it about?

By: Barb Apple Cowboy Dressage is for beginner riders, beginner horses, experienced riders & horses, gaited horses, ponies, competitors or just enjoyment…Cowboy Dressage™ provides something for everyone. Those two words…Cowboy & Dressage™… my not seem to fit together when pictures of cowboys and English dressage riders come to mind. However …

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What is a broke horse?

by Charles Wilhelm Last month we talked about some of the problems horses can exhibit and the different standards that are applied to determine a “broke horse.” We discussed what a broke horse is not: a horse that refuses to go forward, is lazy, won’t move off the leg, doesn’t …

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